Groom suit ideas for Beach Weddings

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If you are thinking about what to wear to your beach wedding, here we share some ideal combinations for your groom suit!


groom suit

Beach weddings are fantastic! Relaxed, calm and full of sun and sea breeze! Getting married on a beach is still a dream for many brides and grooms, beaches are romantic at any time of the day. Even so, finding the groom suit that fits your style for a beach wedding can, at first glance, seem a bit complicated: it can be hot, there is a lot of sand that could make it difficult to wear shoes, it is often windy, etc.

However, if you ask yourself “What groom’s suit to choose to look attractive and feel comfortable on a beach?” here we come to tell you about some options for men. What can a groom wear to a beach wedding to look stylish? There are so many great ideas!


Colors And Fabrics

From a traditional suit, in light tones, to a colorful outfit with a bow, just take a good look at the theme and colors designed for the wedding in general! You can take a nautical theme and use dark blue with red and white; you can opt for lighter colors such as beige, cream, an off-white, a light gray, pure white and khaki: they will allow you to stay cool and will look very beachy, these shades are loved by all beach grooms and are very combinable.

Don’t be afraid of bold hues, they will make you stand out in a light beach setting and if it’s not hot on your big day, this is a great idea to highlight your wedding style and color scheme. You can think of interesting looks with a mismatched blazer and pants for a groom suit more relaxed



If it’s hot, a jacket is not necessary, just a light shirt. Add sea-inspired accessories like starfish or shell grommets, some nautical ribbons, or bright tropical flowers, and your chic look is ready!

If you would like to wear a jacket, choose a light and natural fabric and add matching trousers. Some grooms even wear tuxedos, and if you’re not afraid of the heat, you can opt for one for a less casual beach wedding. Take a look at some examples below and get inspired!


groom suit

A black jacket, a white shirt, tan pants, gray shoes and a patterned handkerchief for a casual and chic.


groom suit tennis

A black suit, a white shirt, white tennis shoes for a formal but modern touch casual.


groom floral suit

A bright blue suit, white shirt and floral tie is a chic and vibrant with a cutting edge edge for a Cancun wedding.


groom grey suit

A gray suit with rolled up pants and a white shirt make for a great outfit choice for a beach wedding.


groom suit

A light gray suit, a white shirt and a pink belt to tie the look of the groom to dress.


marine blue groom suit

A navy blue jacket, a white shirt and shorts, brown shoes for a comfortable beach look.


groom beach suit

A groom outfit with a light blue jacket, navy blue pants, white shirt and no tie.


groom suit for beach wedding

A brown suit, a white shirt and white pants to look elegant and stylish on your beach wedding.

groom dressed for the beach wedding

Cream pants, a white shirt, an electric blue jacket, a pink or red bow tie for a touch of color, is another fresh idea to consider.


grooms suits

You can also opt for elegant blue with bows and shirts, as well as bare feet, they are amazing for a more formal ceremony.


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