Top 10 tips for Cancun weddings

Once you have chosen that your ideal wedding will be an incredible wedding in the Mexican Caribbean, the next step is to discover tips for Cancun weddings on how to plan the perfect one miles away from home.

Coordinating a destination wedding means you’re in for a much more intimate celebration with some of your closest family and friends. You might also consider the added bonus of enjoying the wedding and honeymoon at the same time. But before embarking on this incredible journey, there are a few important details to consider when planning your perfect wedding in Cancun.

tips for cancun weddings

The 10 best tips for weddings in Cancun:

1.-Hire a professional.

Find a wedding coordinator specializing in destination weddings in the Cancun or Riviera Maya area. Ask him/her to show you some of his/her work, and recommendations if possible. We highly recommend that the wedding coordinator or wedding planner be someone who lives in the destination, as this will guarantee that they have the most convenient contacts for your wedding.

2.-Choose the location that best suits the wedding of your dreams

If you are organizing a wedding in Cancun, you have probably already been to this wonderful paradise. If so, you already know or have a location in mind, but if not, we recommend that you consider the following:

There are hotels that include the ceremony or other services if you reserve a minimum of rooms, ask if there is any service included when organizing a wedding at the Resort you are contacting. This is a simple way to organize your event.

You just have to keep in mind that all or almost all hotels in the area unfortunately charge a fee for contracting external providers in case you do not want to work with those offered by the hotel. 

But don’t worry, remember that there are also many other different options in addition to the hotels in this area to carry out your wedding on the beach, where you can freely customize every last detail of your event.

We are one of the best locations for weddings in Cancún, located in Puerto Morelos, in a strategic location just 20 minutes from Cancún and Playa del Carmen.

3.-Choose your own wedding providers in Cancun.

It sounds great to let your wedding planner do everything for you, including choosing the vendors, but we recommend you to get involved in the choice of suppliers. Ask your coordinator for supplier options and examples of their work. Have direct contact with some of them and leave the scheduling issue in the hands of your wedding coordinator.

tips for cancun weddings

4.-Budget for suppliers

It is extremely important that you have an obviously global budget for your wedding but that you allocate what you want to invest in each supplier item. We recommend that you establish priorities, you should know what is most important to you, and from there, know what you can be flexible about and what not.

If you are organizing your wedding in Cancun yourself, we recommend that you look for local providers in local directories. If you decide to bring some suppliers from your place of origin, establish a total budget and include transportation to the wedding venue. 

5.-Notify your guests in advance

This is one of the most important tips for weddings in Cancun. It’s important to give your loved ones enough time to figure out if they can afford the cost of travel to your ceremony and reception. And above all, it is very important to give them a deadline for confirmation of attendance, so that you can plan your event without worries.

6.-Be considerate of your guests.

You have to be considerate of your guests, which is why you should choose a location that is accessible from different hotels that have different budgets for everyone. Remember that some hotels include “free” services for the more rooms you book. I recommend that you make a list of possible options to stay at different prices and share this list with them.

7.-Accept the idea that it may not be as cheap as you think.

The wedding is a highly developed industry in this area, there are many options, 100% professional companies that charge as professionals for their work. The coordinators, photographers, caterers and more understand that a wedding has to be the perfect day for the bride so their fees go accordingly.

8.-Visit the destination in advance.

The inspection visit is essential, especially if you do not have a wedding coordinator in Cancun just for you. In any case, if you cannot make an inspection visit, we recommend you to search everywhere for ideas on the internet. Pinterest can be a good place to start. Another idea is to see recommendations in Facebook groups.

9.-Plan the schedule of your event according to the time of year.

In Cancun and Riviera Maya, consider that the sunset does not occur behind the sea. But you will be able to achieve some beautiful sunset photos that will illuminate you perfectly with the sea in the background. In winter and autumn, sunset is usually around 6pm. And in spring and summer around 6:30-7pm. Therefore, we recommend you schedule the start of your wedding considering a few hours before sunset to achieve photos to remember the day with the perfect lighting.

tips for cancun weddings

10.-Adapt your dress, makeup and hairstyle according to the wedding destination

Remember that if you are organizing a wedding on the beautiful beaches of the Riviera Maya or Cancun, you must adapt your dress to these conditions. Heat, humidity, wind, that is something common at any time of the year in this area. Breathable fabrics work best in hot, humid places like the beach.

Consider in the same way that your hairstyle and makeup must be of good quality and thought of the atmospheric factors that we have just mentioned.

It is worth mentioning that the groom’s clothes must also be light, of fresh fabric, otherwise we will have the bride and groom roasted in half an hour.

Two more tips!

11.-Take a look at ideas to inspire you.

Several social networks can inspire you to get many ideas for your wedding, among them are Pinterest, Instagram and specialized wedding sites.

12.-Create a check list.

Create and keep a good check-list for your wedding, since there are many ideas and several factors to take into account, if you do not have a list to review all these, it can get out of control, it is best to have everything coordinated and planned to have the best wedding in Cancun!


If you have already begun to dream of your wedding on the beach in Cancun or the Riviera Maya, contact us by Email: or Whatsapp: 9981919026 and start planning the wedding of your dreams!

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