Mayan Weddings in Cancun

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The Mayan Weddings are a very emotional ceremony full of meaning and spirituality, making it an unforgettable experience.


Mayan Weddings


For several hundred years the Mayan Culture considers weddings a very important step in life. Through the Weddings, the communities could survive and expand, to the point of consolidating great cultures.

This Ceremony carries a great internal and external meaning of the beings that perform it: Two hearts united for the first time and forever, Two beings living together for the first time and forever. Two families coming together for the first time and forever.

Mayan Weddings

Each element expresses and represents a commitment or an intention:

Cocoa Beans and Corn; Plant the beginning of life together; Flowers: All the feelings of one for the other; Salt: The perfect union; Water: Life through water the seeds come to life and flourish; Fire: Strength.

Mayan Wedding - Vallejo Photography

Mayan Wedding. Credit: Vallejo Photography

It is the Union and the permission of the Universe and our ancestors for a happy, prosperous and abundant life. The Ceremony in Mayan Weddings can be adapted to a wide variety of places and number of guests.

Mayan Priestess is the one who protects the legacy and dominates the Mayan cults, in connection with the universe and the pre-Hispanic worldview, she has experience, wisdom and moral authority.

The entire Ceremony is filled with a magical and spiritual environment. A Certificate is given to the newlyweds.


Mayan Weddings

We can make a suggestion of the best dates according to the Mayan cosmogony. It includes what is necessary for the altar and the materials that are needed such as flowers, crown for each of the contracting parties, copal, etc.

One or two assistants depending on the place and the number of guests. Musical instruments and Caracol (not given to participants).

If you are a wedding planner and want to organize Mayan Weddings in our space, you will need to provide us with the date and name of the contracting parties at least one week in advance, the sooner the better.


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